May 2018
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Have you logged into AWARDS within the last 30 days? Users with a lapse of 30+ days will have their username and password deactivated. 

Data Quality and Completeness Reports for 10/1/17 - 4/30/17 will be posted to our website this week!  Click here to find yours

All System Performance Measure Data Clean Up must be completed by Friday May 11th.

Our office will be closed on Monday May 28th in honor of Memorial Day

On May 29th Allyson, Sue and Kelli will be out of the office attending the Runaway Homeless Youth Region 2 Meeting in NYC. Please contact Bill if you need any HMIS assistance. 

     DATA       QUALITY 101
We invite you to attend a Data Quality 101 training here at the CARES Inc office on Tuesday May 22nd from 1-3 pm.
We will use this time to talk about what Data Quality means and why having good data quality is so important. We will also review the Monthly Data Quality reports, learn how to run a similar data quality report within AWARDS, identify which clients are missing data, and how to correct the records within AWARDS. Registration for this training is required. Registration can be completed on our Events Calendar
    2018 NHSDC Pittsburgh PA 
New Frontiers in Data - New Systems, Partners and Technologies.... Over 300 System Administrators, Software Vendors, CoC Leads, and Program Staff converged at the Omni William Penn Hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh for 3 days of all things HMIS and DATA. Some of the sessions attended included topics such as:
  • The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: A Sensible Guide to Data Integration
  • Victim Service Providers and Comparable Databases
  • Sharing Data across Systems to Prevent and End Youth and Family Homelessness
  • Use Performance Data to Right-Size a Homeless System and Reach Functional Zero For all Populations
  • Day Shelters and Data: Answer to Understanding and Ending Homelessness
  • HUD's Vision for Data: Understanding and Measuring the SNAPS Data TA Strategy
  • Local Uses of System Performance Measurement Data
  • Taking your System Performance Measure Analysis to the Next Level
  • When CE Best Practices Don;t Work: Setting up CE in Regions with Closed and Fragmented Data Systems
  • Analyzing Systemic Racial Disparities With Statistical Learning Models and HMIS Data
  • Using Your LSA Data
  • Coordinated Entry Policies, Procedures, and Processes in Practice
  • Using Emergency Shelter Data Modeling for Planning and Performance Measurement
It's hard to pick a favorite, but HUD's Vision for Data and Coordinated Entry Policies, Procedures and Processes in Practice made it to the top of my list. If any of these topics peak your interest please reach out to me and I can pass the presentation materials along. I also have some ideas swirling around for upcoming training sessions so stay tuned. I'll save the How I nearly died at the hotel story for another day. 
     System Performance Measures 
All Managers and Staff of programs that are included in the SPM Report have received a list of clients (through AWARDS) who are either missing or need to update Annual Assessment and/or Discharge information. If you did not receive an email or list then there is nothing you need to do. Yay! 
This data clean up must be completed no later than May 11th to ensure a complete and accurate report is sent to HUD for each community.  Please reach out to your CSR if you need any assistance. 
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