July 2018
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Prepare to be overwhelmed with cuteness... On Monday 7/9 seven, yes you read that right SEVEN new kitten friends will be joining us. 

Have you logged into AWARDS within the last 30 days? Users with a lapse of 30+ days will have their username and password deactivated. 

Data Quality and Completeness Reports for 10/1/17 - 6/30/18 will be posted to our website this week! Click here to find yours 

HMIS User Fair
We are looking to put together an annual HMIS User Fair this fall for anyone who uses or uploads into the Cares Regional HMIS Database.
Before we commit to finding a space or creating sessions we want to hear from you! Would you be interested in attending? Do you prefer presentations, roundtable discussions, both?
What topics you would like to learn more about, Reporting capabilities, Data Standards, data entry... anything HMIS related!  
Send an email to Kelli Clark
with your thoughts and suggestions for this event. 
Updating Discharged Client Records
All users have access in AWARDS to update the HMIS records of clients who have been discharged from a program. Located within each module of the database, excluding Intake/Admission and Discharge is the option to select "Roster Archives". Selecting this option tells the system to only display clients who have been discharged from a program in the "Consumer Selection List". We have a guide available on our website with step by step instructions on how to update the records of discharged clients. Click HERE to view/download/print this guide.
What the HMIS Team Is Up T0 
The month of July is already shaping up to a busy one for the HMIS team. In addition to our regular daily and weekly tasks we are also assisting the Collaborative Applicants and CoC Funded Programs within our CRHMIS catchment area with providing HMIS data, as well as pinpointing potential data clean up for the CoC Grant Application Competition.
Because the success of all the programs in HMIS matter to us regardless of funding we have created a new HMIS Report Request form to ensure that no one's request for HMIS data gets lost in the shuffle. Effective immediately all persons who request HMIS data/reports MUST use the HMIS Report Request Form, FOUND HERE. Please note that the form must be completed in it's entirety, to avoid any delay in producing the report and submitted to the HMIS team NO LATER THAN 5 DAYS prior to the date the report is needed.  
As always, we will do our best to accommodate immediate/time sensitive data/report requests, but we cannot guarantee that these requests can be completed same day.    
2nd Annual Collaborative Applicant Workshop
On Thursday June 28th the HMIS Team hosted our 2nd annual workshop for the Collaborative Applicants in the our HMIS catchment area. The day included discussions around how the academic community and non-profit communities can support one another, 2018 System Performance Measures, as well as HMIS and the CoC - including how HMIS and data played into the CoC Grant Application.
It was so nice to be able to catch up with the Collaborative Applicants we don't get to see everyday at the networking lunch. 
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