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December 2016
Happy December HMIS Friends,
    Your CRHMIS team is still running on caffeine and chocolate as we prepare to submit the final AHAR, and we want to thank you all so much for working with us in getting everything cleaned up and ready to go. We could not do this with out all of you and your commitment to serving your communities. Each and everyone of you are rockstars in our book, seriously, stop by and check it out sometime.

    Now that we are thisclose to putting AHAR to bed until next year we can get back to focusing on the kittens, er, we mean data. A shout out to Dawn Mills from Watertown Urban Mission alerted us to an issue within AWARDS that impacts our monthly Data Quality Reports, so until this is resolved everyone will have to wait to view their reports on our website. We know how much you all look forward to this, so please accept our deepest apologies. 

    Since we are on the subject of data quality.... We have recently discovered that some users have been readmitting clients into their programs without updating the Living Situation data elements, meaning that a client who may have entered a shelter program 12 times still has the elements "Number of Times Homeless in the last 3 Years" and "Total Number of Months Homeless in the last 3 Year" answered the same as the clients first very first program admission. This is a huge problem as it has a serious impact on System Performance Measures, the integrity of the data, as well as potentially reporting fewer chronically homeless persons. It is this data in addition to disabling condition that allows us to report on those that are chronically homeless and if this information is not updated with each readmission we could be missing a significant number of the chronically homeless population. Kelli and Sue will be reaching out to the affected agencies to get these records cleaned up. We will also be adding this data to our monthly reports, so keep an eye out for it in the coming days. 

    Unrelated to Data Quality, it's almost 2017! Do you know what that means? No, not a break from data entry. Agency Agreement, User Agreement,Data Sharing Agreement, and User Review Time. Yay! All agencies will receive an email containing all of the agreement paperwork in the coming days, we ask that it is all completed and returned no later than January 1st. This years annual user review is going to be a little different than past years (we like to shake thing up around here). As you can see in the Upcoming Events section there are 4 Annual User Review sessions being held this month, 2 in our office and 2 online. It will be required that all AWARDS HMIS users attend one of these review sessions and complete a review quiz. Any user that does not attend will lose their log in credentials on December 31st and will not be reinstated as a user until they complete a separate review and quiz during then last week in January. Please go to our events calendar to register for one of these reviews, all registrations must be completed the Monday before the session, no late registrations will be accepted. 

    We all hope you have a wonderful December, and here's to hoping we don't get a lot of snow, that is unless you like snow, in which case ewwww. 

Your CARES Regional HMIS Team

Get to know your HMIS Team!
Questions and Answers with
Terry O'Brien - Data Specialist

1. Where are you from?
     Born in New Jersey, raised in Columbia County New York
2. Do you have any pets?
      Yes, 2 cats
3. What is your favorite movie?
      I enjoy most movies (preferably science fiction) if they tell a good story
4. What book are you currently reading?
      Nothing at this time
5. What is the best way to spend a Sunday?
6. Do you have a favorite band/singer?
     I like to keep my options open. Too many talented people and varieties, can't pick just one. (His office mates know he can sing all the words to every Genesis song)
7. What is your favorite childhood memory?
     Going along the back roads and fields picking the various berries so Mom could make us jelly 
8. Did you do anything exciting over the summer?
    No, and the fall wasn't much better!
9. If you could meet anyone (past or present) and ask them only one question, who would that person be and what question would you ask?
     Coach Pete Carroll, last play of the game in the Super Bowl against New England. Question - What were you thinking???
10. Coffee or Tea? 
    Tea "Earl Grey Hot" - Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Kitten Fun
See why you should stop in and say "Hi"

RHY Conference 216
This moved me to tears (Kelli) it was a part of the #couchesdontcount campaign. Just because someone can find a couch to sleep on doesn't mean they have a home.

The hotel view wasn't all that bad.
Upcoming Events
You can register for any upcoming training(s) by visiting the events calendar at caresny.org

December 1st World AIDS Day

December 7th HMIS New User In House Training (Located at the CARES Inc Office)

December 8th Annual HMIS Review (Located at the CARES Inc Office)

December 14th Annual HMIS Review Online

December 20th Annual HMIS Review (Located at the CARES Inc Office)

December 21st HMIS New User Online Training

December 25th CARES Inc office will be closed in observance of Christmas

December 29th Annual HMIS Review Online

AWARDS TIP: Household Start Date
Every client within the CRHMIS AWARDS Database must have a household start date.When completing the admission process users are instructed to either create a new household for the client or have the client join an existing household. If you are creating a new household for the client the household start date needs to be the same exact date as the clients admission date. In AWARDS, the household start date means the date your client's household (whether as an individual, or with family members) started in your program which would be the same date that they were admitted. If you do an intake with clients days before the client is admitted and wish to record that in AWARDS, just contact your Customer Service Rep (Sue or Kelli) and they can discuss the option of using a multi-step admission.
Foster Kitten Update
Checkers now goes by the name of Milo. He officially joined Kelli's family on 11/23. He has grown so much, but has yet to master sleeping on the back of the sofa with the dog without sliding off. 
Milo is still a little guy and hasn't learned how to jump on the food counter so to keep him out of the dog food, and the dog out of his food he will still be joining us at the office.
A New Furry Friend says "Hi"

Meet Holly!
Our newest foster kitten came in on Monday. We think she is somewhere between 3-4 weeks. She is a super sweet girl who loves to cuddle. Just look at that face! Her eyes look like anime eyes, and that mustache! Her favorite place to sleep is behind Maureen in her chair. If you are interested in meeting Holly give us a call. Nothing makes us happier than our "babies" going to the best homes. 

Kelli and Sue took a trip to Florida to attend the National RHY Conference
One of the things that we on the HMIS team strive for is to really understand how all our users programs work, and what their funding source's expectations are. In addition to working closely with all of your agencies we also attend conferences to learn more about the "bigger picture". Last month Kelli and Sue attended the National Runaway Homeless Youth (RHY) Conference along with Melanie Puerto-Conte from SAFE Inc, Andy Gilpin from CAPTAIN, Nicole Melious-Dwyer, Claire Rigano, and Erin Dommermuth all from Green Chimneys, Tenniel Hanson, and Heidi Moak from Community Maternity Services, Valerie Paul, and Kathleen Morgan from HONOR. We attended several sessions in addition to the one focused on HMIS, and came away with a deeper appreciation of what our youth agencies do.

The Keynote Speaker Dr Kenneth Ginsburg was inspirational he share a very powerful message. We left feeling educated and inspired!
"Young people will be more resilient if the important adults in their lives believe in them unconditionally and hold them to high expectations. Young people live up or down to the expectations we set for them" - Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg