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August 2017

It's official folks, summer is more than halfway over... As we say goodbye to long sunny days and prepare to welcome the crisp air, and changing colors of fall we are also preparing for the upcoming HMIS Data Standards that will be released on October 1st. 

Thankfully, there are not many changes this year, just a few additions (depending on your program), some removals, and here's the big one folks.... NO BACK DATA ENTRY! That's right, we said it. This years updates included instructions for mapping of the very few new data elements to be completed by the HMIS software vendors. 

While the updates are few, training will be offered to all users in the month of September, so keep an eye out for additional information. Hey, speaking of training and October.... We are are revamping our HMIS New User Training to be broken out by funding and program types so that CoC Permanent Housing Staff will no longer have to sit through a RHY Street Outreach portion of the current New User Training and vice versa. The goal is to shorten the amount of time the training takes while tailoring it to our users. The new training videos and calendar will be released on October 1st. 

Monthly Reminder.... 

Data Completeness Reports have been posted to our website. To view your report, click here, then select your community from the map.

We hope you enjoy the remainder of the summer and as always, please let us know if you need anything!
Your Friendly CR-HMIS Team
       AWARDS Tip of the Month 

In recent years Microsoft has turned its resources from its Internet Explorer (IE) browser to the newer Edge browser. This change, including a halt to further development for IE (aside from security updates), has made it more difficult for us to continue to support use of IE11 with AWARDS. As a result, we are no longer able to guarantee that you will experience AWARDS as it was intended to be used if IE11 is your browser. We request that IE11 users change their browser as soon as possible to the latest version of one of our supported browsers:

- Chrome
- Firefox
- Edge
- Safari

By making this change you will have a smoother AWARDS experience

These are the only browsers with which we test AWARDS. As a result, if you use a browser other than one listed here, you may not experience AWARDS as it was intended to be used. We recommend upgrading to a supported browser today!

Please keep in mind when selecting a browser that Edge is only available for Windows 10. We suggest using Chrome or Firefox if you’re using a computer with an operating system of Windows 7 SP3 or Windows 8.1 (the only older versions of Windows presently supported in addition to 10).
HMIS Data Quality Report & APR Inline Details 

Exciting News from our Vendor!

When running the HMIS Data Quality Report, workers will now see that the values in each table are hyperlinks. When clicked, the links will limit the Individual Details report to display only the clients that relate to that value. When the report is viewed on the screen immediately after it has been run, clicking the hyperlink will not only filter the Individual Details table, but will jump you to the table. When the report is viewed via the Send to Messages feature, the filtering will still happen, but the worker must manually scroll to the table. Inline Details will also show up for the Data Quality questions (Q5 and Q6) on the CoC APR.

Click here to see how it works.

Upcoming Events

Click here to complete the Online New User Training. 

Foster Kitten Update

So Mittens and Not Mittens made a break for it and found their forever homes. We are really going to miss their antics (like wall climbing).

But don't fret, we have a new buddy running around! Meet Cash Nugget Bonaparte. He absolutely despises the carrier, yet doesn't seem to mind spending time in the Kitty Spa AKA nebulizer box. He came to us with an upper respiratory infection, and Milo was "nice" enough to let him borrow his spa for treatments. When he's not throwing a fit about the carrier or getting treatments he is seriously the sweetest boy, he loves to cuddle and take lap naps.