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April 2017
Happy April CRHMIS Friends!

   Is it just me, or did we seem to completely skip Spring? Snow and cold to beautiful upper 70's low 80's in an 11 day time spam????? Our apologies for this issue being distributed later than normal, as we were waiting for some recorded tutorials to be released. 

                            APR Updates

Beginning today, HUD will begin requiring CoC Program grant recipients to submit their APR data through a new online database – the Sage HMIS Reporting Repository (Sage). Communities will no longer submit APRs in e-snaps. This change in systems will apply to all CoC homeless assistance grants (e.g., Supportive Housing Program, Shelter Plus Care, Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Single Room Occupancy Program, CoC Program) administered by the Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs (SNAPS) – regardless of when they were initially funded. 

You can watch the video on how to create an account here

You can also watch the 1 hour webinar from HUD explaining the new APR in Sage here

A separate email will be sent out to everyone as soon as the video is completed on how to pull the APR CSV file from AWARDS.

A message from the Executive Director

Advocacy for funding is more important than ever for the community. Please  make one quick call to your representative. It’s so easy and goes a long way.

I just spoke to Tonko’s office!

    Thank you for all of the work that you all do!
    Nancy Chiarella

    AWARDS Data Entry Tip
    Housing Report

    To view a read-only housing report, complete the following steps:
    1.     From the AWARDS Home screen, click Census from the left-hand menu, and then click Housing. The Housing Information Settings page is displayed.
    2.     Click the Database drop-down arrow and select "Reports."
    3.     Click the Program drop-down arrow and select the program or program type for which the report is to be viewed.
    4.     Indicate which type of consumer the report is to be viewed for by clicking one of the residence selection radio buttons. Available options are:
    ·         Current Residence - When this option is selected, report selection will include only those consumers currently on the roster of the selected program or program type.
    ·         Residence History - When this option is selected, report selection will include those consumers who were part of the selected program or program type's roster during the time period entered in the from and to fields (using mm/dd/yy format). This can include consumers who have since been discharged, or who are no longer active.
    Click CONTINUE.
    Uncheck any information you do not want displayed on your report. (phone, psychiatrist/therapist, referral source)

    Click CONTINUE. The housing report is displayed on the Housing Information page.
    The contents of this read-only report include housing information for the consumer(s), move in and out dates, facility name, address, and phone number.
    The housing report is displayed on the Housing Report page. When viewing the contents of this report, keep in mind the following:
    ·         The contents of this read-only report are based on selections made on the previous pages. It may contain a combination of location, consumer, move in and move out dates, phone number, location LOS (length of stay) days, and program start date. It may also contain available days, occupied dates, mean occupancy, capacity, mean LOS, median LOS, and vacancies information.
    ·         Length of Stay calculations count the "Nights" occupied and do not count the last night of the date range, or a client's discharge date.

    Get to know the Collaborative Advocates!
    Questions and Answers with
    Samantha Barnaby - CA for Points North and Franklin/Essex CoC's

    1. Where are you from?
       Altona, NY

    2. Do you have any pets?

    3. What is your favorite movie?
       The Last Boyscout

    4. What book are you currently reading?
        Health Care Delivery in the United States

    5. What is the best way to spend a Sunday?
       Watching movies on the couch in the winter. Summer, riding the motorcycle

    6. Do you have a favorite band/singer?
        Ozzy Osbourne

    7. What is your favorite childhood memory?
        Going to see Ozzy with my dad in Montreal

    8. Did you do anything exciting over the summer?
        Went to Virginia Beach

    9. If you could meet anyone (past or present) and ask them only one question, who would that person be and what question would you ask?
        My Dad..... "Am I making the right choice about my future?"

    10. Coffee or Tea? 

    Upcoming Events
    You can register for any upcoming training(s) by visiting the events calendar at caresny.org

    April 1st  April Fools Day! Let us know if you pull an epic prank on someone

    April 5th HMIS New User In House training

    April 19th HMIS New User Online Training

    April 22nd Earth Day

    April 24th - 28th Allyson, Emily, and Kelli will be in Salt Lake City for the National Human Services Data Consortium Conference. 

    Don't forget, if you can't attend a New User Training either in person or online you can always take the training on your own here

    From Foothold Technology
    New Features for April 1st
    A new HMIS Data Quality Report is now available in the Fiscal/Program menu. This report can be run for any program, as well as groups of programs. The report starts with a "Validation" table that shows the number of people served in various categories. Then the report looks at data quality in 6 areas:
    1. Personally Identifiable Information - Looking at the completeness and validity of Name, SSN, DOB, Race, Ethnicity, and Gender
    2. Universal Data Elements - Looking at the completeness and validity of Veteran Status, Admission Date, Relationship to Head of Household, Client Location, and Disabling Condition
    3. Income and Housing Data Quality - Looking at the completeness and validity of Destination as well as Income at Entry, Annual Assessment, and Exit
    4. Chronic Homelessness - Looking at all of the data elements used to determine someone's Chronic Homeless Status
    5. Timeliness - Looking at the gap between when the admission and discharge dates compared to the date of actual data entry
    6. Inactive Records - Looking at how many active Outreach records have had no contacts within 90 days. Note: This measure also looks at Nightly Emergency Shelter programs, but our auto-discharge functionality prevents there from being inactive records

    This report will become very important to HUD-funded programs and is part of the new CoC APR. It is also expected to be used by HUD in other ways in the future, such as in NOFA scoring.

    Foster Kitten Update
    We have babies again!!!!!! ,
    Meet Henry, Elliot, and Shammy, they are 3 brothers who will be available for adoption around 4/14. Theses guys are the litter that we have had for the shortest amount of time. Which is good, because they are also our most destructive litter! Good thing they are so incredibly adorable!