Hi Everyone,
Happy Spring! I tried to bring the sunshine and warm weather back from Florida, but security wouldn't let me bring it on the plane so I had to leave it behind. 
I just wanted to update you all on a few things that happened while I was away from the snow and cold for a few days:
1.    It was stated in the March Newsletter that users would not be able to access AWARDS from March 28th - March 30th due to a significant data merge being performed by our vendor, however this is being pushed back 1 month to allow the programmers more time to ensure a smooth transition. Users will not have access to AWARDS from April 25th - April 27th. Please make sure all data entry is complete prior to the expected down time.
2.    Intake Cloning has changed. Users can only clone basic client information from a program within their agency regardless of whether or not a client has agreed to share data. It does not matter how a user tries to clone client information; using the clone icon in consumer look up or typing in the clients entire full first and last name and SSN (exactly how it was entered into another program) into the search fields on the Admission search page. I will be reaching out to our vendor for more information and will keep you all updated. 

As always if you have any questions please reach out. 

Kelli Clark 
HMIS System Administrator

200 Henry Johnson Blvd. Suite 4
Albany, NY 12210
+1 (518) 489-4130   |  hmis@caresny.org  | caresny.org