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March 2018


So, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning. Six more weeks of winter! Yay!!!!! (insert sarcasm here) Here's hoping it ends as a mild, snow-free winter. 

  1. Both Sue and Kelli will be out of the office from Monday 3/12 - Friday 3/16. Please contact either Bill Robson or Allyson Thiessen if you need assistance while we are away.
  2. Foothold will be performing a major data merge into our database this month. Users will not be able to access HMIS from Wednesday 3/28-Friday 3/30. Please make sure all data entry is as up to date as possible on March 27th. 
  3. The March Monthly User Group will be held on Wednesday March 21st at 10:00 am. Details are here! 
    1. It's the beginning of the month. Have you logged into AWARDS recently (within the last 30 days)? If you answered no, do so now.
    2. If you are an uploading agency, don't forget to upload your data by the 15th, and reach out to Rachel Bradt if you need assistance. 
    3. All New User Training materials can be found on the training page of our website. Reminder, each agency can only have up to 15 active logins. If your agency would like to have the ability to have more than 15, please reach out to Allyson Thiessen, Director of HMIS Program and Services for further information.
    4. You can now follow us on Facebook
    5. As always please reach out to us if you have any questions

    Allyson Thiessen - Director of HMIS ext 103
    Kelli Clark - System Administrator ext 113
    Sue Palmer - Customer Service Rep 845-616-4894
    Bill Robson - Customer Service Rep ext 120
    Rachel Bradt -  Quality Assurance Associate ext 121
    Terry O'Brien - HMIS Data Specialist ext 115
    Emily Rebehn - HMIS Data Analyst ext 117 
    Meet Our New Customer Service Rep!
    Q&A with Bill Robson
    • Where are you from?
      • Clifton Park
    • Do you have any pets?
      • No, unfortunately
    • What is your favorite movie?
      • I love all Star Trek Movies
    • What book are you currently reading?
      • I'm between books right now, but always open to suggestions
    • What is the best way to spend a Sunday?
      • Relaxing and sleeping in
    • Do you have a favorite band/singer?
      • No "favorite"
    • What is your favorite childhood memory?
      • Summers at a cabin by the lake with family
    • Did you do anything exciting over the summer?
      • I took a day trip to the beach
    • If you could meet anyone (past or present) and ask them only one question, who would that person be and what question would you ask?
      • Patrick Stewart or Ian McKellen, I don't know what I would ask thembut they seem like they would be fun to hang out with
    • Coffee or Tea?
      • Neither, I prefer Hot Coccoa

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