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September 2017



For those of you (like me) who are anti-pumpkin spice, Happy September! September? Did we even have a "summer"? If we did somehow I missed it. I think we need a do-over. 

While we wait for our summer do-over, let's fill you in on what has been going on in HMIS Land:

1.    If you haven't checked out the quick tutorial on the new Inline Detail functionality in AWARDS click here. It's worth the 15 minutes. It will change your life. 

2.    A test site featuring the new HMIS Data Standards was released to the HMIS team from our vendor over the holiday weekend. Training for the updates have been scheduled for the last week of September. There will be multiple training sessions offered that week both in house and online. In house sessions will be limited to small groups so make sure you register sooner rather than later if you plan on attending an in house session. All of the dates/times are listed in the Upcoming Events section of this newsletter.

3.    We are currently working on updating all of the Intake and Discharge forms as well as creating a new Update Form. They will all be up on our website by September 25th for use come October 1st. 

4.    Here's a fun little game to see how well you know HMIS. Give it a whirl, it only takes 5 minutes. 

5.    It's almost time for our Annual User Review. Feed Back from last year indicated that users wanted more sessions scheduled, so review sessions will be held both in person and online throughout November and December. All of the sessions will be on our website's event calendar by the middle of September and a message will be sent out letting everyone know. 

6.    In addition to the Internal Audit messages indicating that a client is due for an annual update, a youth is aging into adulthood, and **brand new** consent expiration reminder we can also set a preference that will send a message to your regular email alerting you that you have a message waiting for you in AWARDS. Please contact your CRHMIS Customer Service Rep to have any/all of these messaging options turned on.  

7.    It's the beginning of a new month.... If you haven't logged into AWARDS in a while you should probably do so now to avoid losing your access. 

Monthly Reminder.... 

Data Completeness Reports have been posted to our website. To view your report, click here, then select your community from the map.

As always, please let us know if you need anything!
Your Friendly CR-HMIS Team
       AWARDS Tip of the Month 

Did you know... the Report Menu provides a central point of access for all AWARDS reports, including ReportBuilders! It can be accessed by clicking Administration from the left-hand menu, and then Report Menu.

For more information on the Report Menu, including which permissions are required to use it and step-by-step instructions on how to use it to locate and view the reports you care about click here.

New AWARDS Features for September

Client Search Results - AWARDS ID

Messages sent through the AWARDS Messages module are 100% HIPAA compliant, as a result, you can feel free to include client identifying information as needed. When communicating to colleagues outside of AWARDS, however, or when communicating with Foothold Technology staff outside of AWARDS, you must exercise caution and maintain required privacy standards by eliminating inclusion of protected health information (PHI). An easy way to do so is to communicate about clients using their unique AWARDS IDs, as opposed to their names, DOBs, SSNs, etc.

In an effort to assist you in using this communication best practice, we have made a change so that the AWARDS ID search field will automatically display when performing a Client Search in AWARDS. This will, in turn, display the AWARDS ID column on the Client Lookup Results page. We are hopeful that this ID information can then be used to communicate securely with others, as well as eliminate potential confusion around clients with similar identifying information (e.g. Same First and Last name, DOB ect)

Client Search Results - Linked Names and Programs in Client Search Results

Client Search Results will now show hyperlinks for both client names and program history records (depending on Chart Access). Previously databases would see either the client's name or the program history records as hyperlinks, but not both. This change will not affect what information is visible to a user, but will provide two ways to reach the information.

HMIS Consent Form Changes

Multi-agency HMIS Databases (Cares Regional HMIS) which use Client Consent forms to share information will notice several changes; specifically:

*    The consent forms themselves will look slightly different because they are being converted into FormBuilder forms; however, the consent form will still show up immediately after processing an admission.

*    Clicking on the Consent Form button at the top of the Intake form or Face Sheet will now take you to an index of consent forms.

*    Instead of editing old consent forms, now users can add New Consent Forms or Revocation Forms id a client changes their mind about how much information they would like to share. The most recent consent form or revocation form determines what information a client is sharing with other agencies

 *    Some of the language on the consent forms may have changed slightly

In addition to these changes, an new "Consent Expiration Reminder" audit message is now available and can be made available to users by contacting your CARES Regional HMIS Customer Service Rep. This audit message will let you know when a client has a consent form that is expiring in case you wish to ask the client to renew their consent.

Upcoming Events

You must register to attend a training session. Registration for all Review Sessions will close at 5:00 pm on Friday September 22nd. Click here for our September Events Calendar.

Sept. 25 1:00 pm HMIS Data Standards Updates Review at the CARES Inc Office

Sept 25 3:00 pm HMIS Data Standards Updates Review Online

Sept 26 10:30 am  HMIS Data Standards Updates Review Online

Sept 26 1:00 pm HMIS Data Standards Updates Review at the CARES Inc Office

Sept 26 3:00 pm HMIS Data Standards Updates Review at the CARES Inc Office

Sept 27 10:00 am HMIS Data Standards Updates Review at the CARES Inc Office

Sept 27 1:00 pm HMIS Data Standards Updates Review Online

Sept 27 3:00 pm HMIS Data Standards Updates Review Online

Sept 28 10:00 am HMIS Data Standards Updates Review at the CARES Inc Office

Sept 28 1:00 pm  HMIS Data Standards Updates Review Online

Sept 29 10:00 am HMIS Data Standards Updates Review Online

Sept 29 1:00 pm HMIS Data Standards Updates Review at the CARES Inc Office

Sept 29 3:00 pm HMIS Data Standards Updates Review at the CARES Inc Office

Click here to complete the Online New User Training. Please don't forget to read the instructions on the training page for the New User Training. A signed user agreement along with written permission from a supervisor indicating which programs the new user will be allowed chart access to, must be submitted along with the quiz results before a log in can be created.

Foster Kitten Update

Awwwww look at this trio of lovely ladies who have come to stay with us for a few weeks! Say hello to Sesame (Sessy), Poppy, and Chia (Chi-Chi). These sassy little girls remind some of the CARES staff of little Pop Divas, so we gave them the appropriate nicknames.

Sesame - Brittany (S. Pierce, not Spears)

Poppy - Rihanna

Chia - Taylor