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April 2018


Because this blah weather has to be over soon right?

  1. Allyson, Sue, Kelli, and Emily will all be out of the office from 4/16-4/20 attending NHSDC (National Human Services Data Consortium) in Pittsburgh PA. Please contact Bill, Rachel, or Terry for all of your HMIS needs. 
  2. Foothold will be performing a major data merge into our database this month. Users will not be able to access HMIS from Wednesday 4/25-Friday 4/27. Please make sure all data entry is as up to date as possible on April 24th. 
  3. We have been talking a lot about the use of "Other" as a discharge destination. Unfortunately selecting "Other" will not count as a positive outcome in any HMIS reporting no matter what is typed into the subsequent text field. To assist in decreasing the use of "Other" we have created an Alternative Destination Response Options guide using the most frequently used Other responses. Click HERE to view/print/save this guide for future reference if needed. Remember - If you are ever unsure, call us! We will walk through it with you. 
  4. Data Completeness Reports dated 10/1/17 - 3/31/18 will be posted to our website by the end of today (4/2). If your see your program on the list please reach out to your CSR, either Sue or Bill for assistance. 
    1. It's the beginning of the month. Have you logged into AWARDS recently (within the last 30 days)? If you answered no, do so now. 
    2. All New User Training materials can be found on the training page of our website. Reminder, each agency can only have up to 15 active logins. If your agency would like to have the ability to have more than 15, please reach out to Allyson Thiessen, Director of HMIS Program and Services for further information.
    3. You can now follow us on Facebook
    4. As always please reach out to us if you have any questions!
    Allyson Thiessen - Director of HMIS ext 103

    Kelli Clark - System Administrator ext 113

    Sue Palmer - Customer Service Rep 845-616-4894

    Bill Robson - Customer Service Rep ext 120

    Rachel Bradt - Quality Assurance Associate ext 121

    Terry O'Brien - HMIS Data Specialist ext 115

    Emily Rebehn - HMIS Data Analyst ext 117
       System Performance        Measures Update

    While CARES submits the System Performance Measures Report on behalf of the CoC, the entire community plays an important role in ensuring that the report provides a true reflection of the good work that you all do to address, reduce and end homelessness. System Performance played a key role in last year’s Grant Competition, and was worth almost 25% of the total score. With this percent expected to increase each year, we want to make sure the report is as accurate as possible.

    Many of you may remember that last year’s focus of clean-up surrounded updating missing Annual Assessments; this clean-up significantly impacted the information we ultimately submitted to HUD, so we hope to replicate the effort with additional data quality targets. We have identified key areas where the correction of typos, errors or missing information will impact the measures, including Annual Assessments, clients in program who may require their discharges being processed, and Destination data, in addition to others.

    We will begin reaching out in the next few weeks to assist programs with identifying areas where data clean up is needed. If/when you hear from us, don't run away! We want to help you.

    We had no fosters last month, so here is Kelli dancing in the Gulf on her Florida Girl's Trip.