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May 2017
Happy May CRHMIS Friends!

   How does the saying go? April showers bring May more showers???? No? Flowers, that's right flowers. Some of our flowers are beginning to bud, some are drowning in the mud, and some are just so confused and don't know what to do with all this hot/cold nonsense that Mother Nature keeps throwing at us On the bright side, all of this rain and cold has kept us all inside super busy recording some new tutorials (that you can find on our training page), cleaning up data in preparation of submitting the System Performance Measures report to HUD, and preparing for the new Data Standards that will be released October 1st. 
Remember, no matter how busy things may get here behind the scenes, we are never to busy for our users. IF you have questions ALWAYS feel free to call or email us (but never with client level information

New Feature from Foothold Technology

PHI Download Alert Acknowledgment 
As part of Foothold Technology's ongoing security initiatives and user awareness efforts in regard to proper handling of clients' protected information, we are adding the following pop-up notice to AWARDS wherever data can be downloaded from the system:

The file you are about to download may contain privileged and confidential data, and/or Protected Health Information (PHI). It is intended solely for your use, and is subject to protection under the law as defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and its successor legislation, and/or by other relevant policies and regulations. By clicking OK you agree that you are aware of all relevant guidelines and restrictions on use of the information being downloaded, and that you have taken/will take all appropriate measures to protect and handle that information, including but not limited to ensuring that the device onto which the file is being downloaded has been encrypted, as appropriate. Any questions about the status of the data or the requirements related to its handling should be directed to your HIPAA Privacy/Security Officer, supervisor, or other appropriate staff at your agency.

This message will be displayed each time you click a link or button for the purposes of downloading information from AWARDS. You must then click OK to acknowledge the alert, or Cancel to return to the previous page. Impacted locations in AWARDS include the following:
  • ExportBuilder export file links
  • ReportBuilder excel file links
  • Excel and data file links in all built-in reports
  • Client File Cabinet document links
  • Messages module attachments
IMPORTANT!  Please be aware that:

All downloads from AWARDS have the potential to contain confidential and protected information that must be handled appropriately by users, regardless of whether or not your agency is a covered entity under HIPAA; as a result, this acknowledgement pop-up will display in ALL AWARDS databases.

If you currently use macros or scripts to download ReportBuilder output, this new PHI alert acknowledgement will impact those processes. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Previously client file cabinet images would display in AWARDS immediately upon their links being clicked. Moving forward clicking an image link will display the PHI Alert and once that has been acknowledged the image will download and can be viewed on your machine

NHSDC 2017
Salt Lake City Utah April 25th-27th 

The 2017 NHDC Spring Conference this year was titled:
Putting It All Together: Uniting Data, Technology, and People, and it was by far the best conference our team has attended to date. We all walked away feeling validated and ready to move forward in the land of data!
Here's what everyone had to say:

Allyson: "I realized that we need to come together as a larger community and talk about what impact our data can have if properly accessed. The CRHMIS is a rich resource and we're not using it properly! To that end, we're hosting our first CRHMIS-Collaborative Applicant Workshop in June and are excited to get so many amazing community leaders from our 13 Continuum of Care in one room."

Maureen: "I learned about some innovative ways that communities are coming together to improve service delivery, implement coordinated entry, and measure progress towards ending homelessness using data-driven collaboration"

Emily: "As this was my first NHSDC my detailed knowledge about HMIS and COC providers had previously been limited to CARES. Therefore, I most enjoyed listening to presentations about experiences within specific communities across the country, and learning how the providers in these communities turned certain challenges into opportunities. These ideas have enriched our own plans for increased data utilization, and inspired us to keep pushing forward."

Kelli: "It was really validating to hear that we are on the right track as to how HUD is moving forward with their Data Quality Plan. As I was sitting in a session on increasing HMIS participation from non-required projects, and listening to the challenges that other communities are having, it was encouraging that we were able to offer solutions to others. This is in no small part because (and I may be a little biased here) we have the best HMIS users in the country."

Upcoming Events
You can register for any upcoming training(s) by visiting the events calendar at caresny.org

May 11th Allyson, Kelli, and Emily will be spending the day at our AWARDS Software Vendor's office for a training

May 17th HMIS New User In House training

May 29th Cares Inc Office will be closed in observance of Memorial Day

Don't forget, if you can't attend a New User Training either in person  you can always take the training on your own here

From the HUD Exchange 5/5/17

SNAPS' Data Strategy

HUD began requiring communities to implement Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS) 15 years ago, and HMIS data quality and analysis is an increasingly important asset for ending homelessness.

Analyzing data in different ways—by population, subpopulation, across project types, and at the system level—and using that data in local decision making helps communities end homelessness. The more data is used by community leaders, providers, and others, the more likely they are to continuously improve data quality and demonstrate the importance of HMIS participation. To assist with this effort, HUD is releasing new products and tools, highlighting other recently released resources, and providing a timeline to help communities manage expectations. New products and tools will be posted on the new SNAPS Data Strategy and Usability page
AWARDS HMIS Data Quality Report
If you have access to the Fiscal/Program menu within AWARDS you also have access to the new HMIS Data Quality Report. Be on the look out for the short video tutorial on how to pull and read this report coming to the training page on Monday 5/8/17.
If you do not have access to the Fiscal/Program menu you can ask your supervisor to request that access for you by emailing your Customer Service Rep.
Foster Kitten Update
Say "Hello" to Milkshake, Waffles, Marshmallow, and Cookie! 2 brothers and 2 sisters who will be ready to go to their furever homes shortly.  
These guys are growing like weeds! Probably because they eat about a million times a day. Kidding, KIDDING.... Only about a thousand. 
Picture Captions!
 Some photos of our trip to NHSDC. The scenery was absolutely beautiful! You could stand at the edge of the Great Salt Lake and turn around to look at the snow covered mountains. Kelli, Andra (from Joseph's House), and Maureen enjoyed dinner with our AWARDS vendor. Maureen got to meet her idol; Abbilyn Miller from HUD, she had a total "Fan girl" moment here.