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It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to an end. We will soon be saying goodbye to sunny days and warmth, and welcoming falling leaves, crisp days, and updates to the HMIS Data Standards.

As we all prepare for the days of opening our windows to let the cool breezes indoors, removing our air conditioners, and adding fall themed décor to our homes and offices we also need to prepare for the updates that will go live within the CRHMIS AWARDS database on October 1. For the first time, HUD has required HMIS vendors to give System Administrators access to a “sandbox” database. This access allows us to now have a visual of what each updated or additional data element will look like when the updates are deployed for live data entry. Which in turn allows us to show you, our amazing CRHMIS users, what to expect upon logging in on Monday October 3.

We will be holding an online training on Wednesday September 28 at 1:00pm for all who wish to view what the updates will look like. Registration for this training is required. Online registrations can be completed by going to the events calendar on our website and clicking on the training name, or by clicking the training calendar link here

For anyone who is unable to attend this online training, there is a recorded training available on YouTube from our vendor Foothold Technology. You can access it here

Get to know your CRHMIS Team

Question and Answer session with

Maureen Burns - Data Analyst

  • Where are you from? Albany, NY born and raised
  • Do you have any pets? I’m just this side of Crazy Cat Lady
  • What is your favorite movie? I’m more of a “binge watch TV shows on Netflix” kinda gal J
  • What book are you currently reading? Another Roadside Attraction by Tom Robbins
  • What is the best way to spend a Sunday? Contemplating how to better leverage our HMIS data to inform our communities, of course
  • Do you have a favorite band/musical group? I’m a 90’s child
  • What is your favorite childhood memory? Summer vacations on Cape Cod
  • Did you do anything exciting over the summer? I took a road trip across 5 states to see my 20 Pearl Jam show
  • If you could meet anyone (past or present) and ask them only 1 question, who would that person be and what is the question? This is actually two questions, denied
  • Coffee or Tea? Coffee, all day every day!

SEPTEMBER 2016                                              
Upcoming Events

    You can register for all trainings by going to the events calendar on our website

    September 21

    HMIS New User In-House Training

    September 28

    HMIS Data Standards Updates - Online Training

    October 1

    HMIS Data Standards Updates go live in AWARDS

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    Allyson Thiessen

    HMIS System Administrator

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    Sue Palmer

    Customer Service Representative

    (845) 616-4894


    Kelli Clark

    Customer Service Representative

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    Tersha Choy

    Data Specialist

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    Nancy Chiarella

    Executive Director

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    Tip of the Month    

    Forgot Username or Password Functionality

    The Forgot Username or Password functionalities on the AWARDS login page only work for users who have selected and answered a security question in the Password and Security Details module. If you haven’t done so yet, or are unsure if you have recorded your security details you can find the instructions on how to update this information using AWARDS Online Help         
    Login Reminder    

    If you haven't logged into the CRHMIS AWARDS Database within the last 30 days do so now to avoid having your login credentials deactivated. 

    Foster Kitten Update  
    Those of you that we see/speak to frequently may already know that we on the HMIS team assist with kitten fostering, and it is a job that we take very seriously. This is Blue, when he came to us he was very small, and the vet described him as “dull”. Through bottle feeding and lots of love we are happy to report that Blue is thriving, and should be available for adoption within the next week. If you are interested in potentially making our Baby Blue a part of your family (or office) just let us know and we can provide you with all the details.