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December 2017


Seasons Greetings!

I refuse to accept that 2017 is just about over. Nope. Not allowed. I feel like this year has gone by faster than just about any other that I can remember. How does this happen? I mean I know we on the HMIS team have been busy, but this is just plain unacceptable. 

Maybe it's my fault. I guess we can all blame me, I did ask our new CSR to begin sending out the 2018 User Agreements. I just really wanted all of our users not to be inundated with mass amounts of paper work to be completed right at the beginning of the year, when there is already so many other things they need to do. That's it. 2017 went by way too fast and it is all my fault. I own it. Kelli Clark sped up 2017 to the point she missed it. Tell all your friends when you start seeing the "Where did 2017 go?" posts on Social Media.

About those User Agreements, we have received a few questions so here are the answers to the most frequently asked.

1 I just signed one when I completed New User Training last month. Do you still need me to sign a new one? - Yes. We do require that all users have a newly signed User Agreement on file for the beginning of 2018. However, now you won't have to sign one again for 12 months.

2. When will the new version of the CRHMIS Policies and Procedures manual be released? - The new manual will be released this month. There were no changes made to and policies at the user level which is why the agreements were sent out separate from the manual. All Agency and Data Sharing Agreements will be sent out at the same time as the Policies and Procedures manual. 

3. I have a question about the User Agreement, who should I contact? - You should contact your Customer Service Rep, they will be able to walk you through it. However as always you can also contact anyone on the CRHMIS team.

CARES Inc. Volunteers!

The staff at CARES Inc., has begun quarterly volunteer days. We know just how fortunate we are and believe in donating our most valuable resource, time to others. Our first volunteer day was spent at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society where we sorted the donated bottles and cans and loaded them up into their brand new donation shed, washed donated towels and blankets for the animals who haven't found their furever homes yet, and cleaned the cat intake room. 

While looking at the pictures below of our staff working hard sorting and bagging up the bottles and cans you will probably notice that Maureen and Kelli are missing. Well, that is because they were assigned to cleaning the cat intake room. Can you guess what happened???? Yup. Say hello to Miss Kitty. Yes, Kelli is aware that she really didn't "need" a 3rd cat, but seriously, look at those eyes! Also, Maureen did nothing to try to talk her out of it. 

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  1. Monthly Data Completeness Reports have been posted on our website
  2. Our new Data Quality Reports will be posted along with the 1st Quarter Report on our website
  3. It's the beginning of the month. Have you logged into AWARDS recently (within the last 30 days)? If you answered no, do so now.
  4. Annual User Review materials will be released shortly. Keep an eye out. 
  5. All New User Training materials can be found on the training page of our website. Reminder, each agency can only have up to 15 active logins. If your agency would like to have the ability to have more than 15, please reach out to Allyson Thiessen, Director of HMIS Program and Services for further information. 
  6. As always please reach out to us if you have any questions
Allyson Thiessen - Director of HMIS ext 103
Kelli Clark - System Administrator ext 113
Sue Palmer - Customer Service Rep 845-616-4894
Lisa Droege - Customer Service Rep ext 120
Rachel Bradt -  Quality Assurance Associate ext 121
Terry O'Brien - HMIS Data Specialist ext 115
Emily Rebehn - HMIS Data Analyst ext 117 


The offices at 200 Henry Johnson Blvd have adopted CARES Housing as the recipients for a giving tree this Holiday Season. We wanted to open the opportunity up to you and your agency as well If you would like to purchase a gift please contact Kelli Clark at 518-489-4130 ext 113 by Friday December 15th.

         DONATIONS FOR                        PUERTO RICO               From Michelle Sandoz-Dennis        Continuum of Care Unit Director

Early on Wednesday, September 20, Hurricane Maria, a powerful Category 4 hurricane made landfall on Puerto Rico, bringing torrential rain and 150 mph winds. The hurricane was devastating to the whole island; destroying the island's electrical grid. What's happened since has been truly catastrophic. There's still little power on the island. In many places, there's still no water to drink or bathe in or to flush toilets.There's limited food and cell service, and dozens of remote villages have been completely cut off from everything; even two months later.                                           Through social media I have been able to communicate with family and friends. One of those friends is a vice-principal of a rural elementary school who is reaching out for assistance for her students and community. In order to help collect donations, two large boxes have been placed at the entrance CARES Inc., main office. If you are able to I ask that you donate any of the below noted items. I hope we are able to fill many boxes and bring much needed basic items to these students who have lost everything.                  Below are her words about the school and her need.                 The name of my school is Second Unit Manuel Ruiz Gandia. It is located in Barrio Dominguito, Arecibo Puerto RIco. It is Kindergarten to eighth grade and has 520 students. The school community serves a population that has 75% of the students below poverty levels. The school principal is Mrs. Gladys Santana Nieves. It is a public school. Right now the kids need:                                        Socks                        Clothes                            First Aid materials (bandages, cleaning wipes, antiseptic, etc.)                    Book bags                   Notebooks (calligraphy and regular notebooks)          Pencils (mechanical or wooden)                                  Pens                                 Dictionaries (Spanish and English)                            Loose-leaf                         Water (the school has no drinkable water)                Hand Sanitizer                Paper towels                Regular towels                Erasers                                             Pencil Sharpeners           White out                     Sharpies                     Canned Goods

Foster Kitten Update

No kittens in the Month of November. No kittens, because those of us that foster had PUPPIES!!!! 

These guys were literally the sweetest group of pups ever and we are happy to report that they have all been adopted to wonderful loving families.