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October 2017



Remember how I asked for a summer do-over in last month's Newsletter? You're welcome. While we were all hiding from the heat in air conditioned spaces a lot happened with the HMIS department. Like a lot. 

The CRHMIS Team has Grown! Rachel Bradt is our new HMIS Quality Assurance Associate, and will be working with both the Customer Service and Data teams to investigate and rectify issues with both data completeness and quality. Lisa Droege has joined the Customer Service team as the Customer Service Rep for the Capital Region as well as Columbia and Greene Counties. If you are in the office you should stop in and say 'Hi"

The Data Standards Updates are now LIVE!!! It seems like that's all we talked about this summer.

- The biggest change comes for Permanent Housing projects. Residential Move In Date has been renamed Housing Move In Date and is now present in all permanent housing projects. This section can be completed on the Intake/Admission form or on the HMIS Info section of the Face Sheet. In residential projects where this field is present, clients will not be assigned to a bed/apartment until the leading question, Has the client been placed into Permanent Housing, is set to "Yes." Once a client has been assigned a residence unit then this section will become read only and corrections can only be made using the Client History Report. This change allows Permanent Housing projects to admit clients as soon as they are accepted by a program, even if an apartment or unit is not yet available.

HMIS Report Changes:
- The CoC APR has been updated to work with the new Data Standards.
- A new version of the ESG CAPER report has been released. The new report is very similar to the CoC APR and contains the same Data Quality questions. The ESG CAPER report now has a Sage Export file attached for use in uploading data to the Sage Reporting Repository.
- Inline Details have been added to all client-level questions in the CoC APR and to many of the questions in the ESG CAPER report.


  1. If you are interested in taking a look at either the HMIS Data Manual, any of the Federal Partner Program Manuals, or a quick, condensed version of HMIS Data Elements go to our HMIS User Resources Page
  2. All of the updated Intake, Discharge, and (Brand New) Update forms are available here on our website. 
  3. The newest Data Completeness reports have been posted to our website. Go Check them Out!
  4.   It's the beginning of a new month.... If you haven't logged into AWARDS in a while you should probably do so now to avoid losing your access. 

As always, please let us know if you need anything!
Your Friendly CR-HMIS Team

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            APR                INFORMATION

Good News! The validation error that was occurring when pulling the APR from AWARDS has been resolved. YAY! You are now free to submit your APR's!  

Foster Kitten Update

Our newest trio is here. These lovely ladies have been with us for about 2 weeks now. Say "Hello" to Mynx, Jynx, and Lynx. These girls came in having no clue that they would soon become royalty, because shortly after their arrival our new foster PUPPIES have begun visiting the office! The girls quickly decided that there needed to be some sort of hierarchy established, and since they have been in the office longer, and, well, they are cats they declared themselves the CARES Foster Queens and have forced the puppies into submission.